Get up to 15 College Credits while Building your Startup in Silicon Valley

Program Description

The Semester in Silicon Valley (ASU-Draper Entrepreneurship Incubator Program) is a four month accredited college program in Silicon Valley, CA, geared toward helping students learn the technical, business and leadership skills required to become successful entrepreneurs while simultaneously fulfilling college requirements.

  • Meet like-minded entrepreneurs

  • Build your business and pitch to investors

  • Learn from and network with world-renowned mentors and executives from Silicon Valley companies

  • Earn up to 15 college credits and a Certificate of Entrepreneurship from Arizona State University (ASU)


Silicon Valley Semester  

(ASU-Draper Entrepreneurship Incubator Program) 

Application & Session Dates

SessionApplication Reviewing PeriodFinal Notification DateSession Dates
Fall 2019Janurary 1, 2019 – July 30, 2019August 10, 2019TBD (15 weeks)

Make College Count: Learn by Doing.

Earn up to 15 College Credits and a Certificate of Entrepreneurship in 15 weeks. 

Fall Semester

College courses (required) taught during Fall Semester program — 15 credit hours

  • ENT305: Introduction to Entrepreneurship

  • ENT360: Entrepreneurship and Value Creation

  • CIS394: Mobile and Web Programming *

  • CIS394: Product Design & 3D Printing

  • WPC494: DU: Immersive Entrepreneurial Experience


A Hands-On Educational Experience

Silicon valley Company Treks

You’ll travel throughout the Silicon Valley Bay Area to explore, learn, and network with prestigious Fortune 100 companies and iconic Silicon Valley startups. Previous company treks have included visits to Airbnb, Google, Facebook, and Tesla.


events, celebrity speakers & networking

Between our extensive speaker network, industry expert mentors, local alumni, and the Silicon Valley startup ecosystem, you’ll have chances to build life-long, game changing relationships throughout the semester. You’ll attend Silicon Valley networking events, and join events hosted by Draper University. Past events have included:


Business development: bringing your product to market

Bring your product concept to life by participating in specialized workshops in lean startup methodology, marketing automation, sales, public speaking, and startup pitches. You’ll receive weekly mentor sessions alongside Draper University’s program coordinators and external industry experts to help you accelerate and execute your ideas.


Additional Draper University Curriculum

Why is this venture important to you? What does the world look like when you are enormously successful? What problem are you solving? What specific products/services do you plan to build and deliver? What are your value and growth hypotheses and how are you planning to prove or disprove them with data?

Founding Team and Mentors
Do you have the appropriate engineering, creative and customer acquisition skills on your team to start building a successful venture? Have you landed a lead adviser? How is this person valuable to you, your team and your business?

Market Analysis
Who are your customers? What are the demographic and sociographic profiles of the people who will make the decision to buy? Where do they hang out? Is your market big enough to warrant moving forward? How do you know? Who are your competitors? Why is your product/service significantly better than the current solution out there?

Legal Structure
What are the different business entities and which one will you choose? How do you structure a founding team agreement? What is a trademark? What is a patent? How do you protect yourself and your business?

Conduct smartly designed and free (or low-cost) experiments to further validate what you've learned from surveys and interviews. Create a minimum viable product and test the market’s reaction.

Financial Structure
Put together a financial model and use it to smartly forecast your revenue and expenses. Are you building a business that can be profitable? Where is the initial startup capital coming from?

Finish building a functional product and deploy to your market. Launch a "Coming Soon" page to let your network know that your product is on the way. Have them sign up with basic contact info to get in the queue for your private beta. Identify key influencers in your queue that you should be talking to for upcoming marketing purposes.

Technology Training
Throughout the program you will be learning computer aided product design with CAD, mobile app and web programming, and graphic branding design. All software licenses are provided by the program.


Program Fees & Financing

Housing Live on campus in San Mateo, CA with other entrepreneurs and mentors. $7,000*

Program Fee (ASU Students) Additional special program fee that includes all activities, field trips, guest speakers and the Draper University experience. $7,000

Program Fee (non-ASU Students) Program fee for students not seeking accreditation via ASU, includes all activities, field trips, guest speakers and the Draper University experience. $13,000

ASU Tuition Normal ASU tuition will be assessed based on residency status. Varies**
* Housing is based on double occupancy dorm rooms. Single occupancy rooms are available for an additional fee.
** Tuition varies based on in-state, out of state or international residency status

Fees Do Not Include:

  • Round-trip airfare

  • Passport

  • Food (except as noted)

  • Personal travel/activity money

  • Personal spending money

  • University-assessed fees (e.g., technology fee)

  • Course-related fees (except as noted)

Fees Include:

  • All registration fees

  • Instructional costs for up to 15 undergraduate credits

  • Welcome orientation

  • Housing

  • Books and supplies

  • Program-planned excursions/group activities

  • Draper University t-shirt

  • Notebook


Financing Options

We often hear that one of your biggest concerns is how to fund your study abroad experience.  This is certainly a valid concern, and we want you to know that there is money available.

We strongly encourage you to have a look at the numerous scholarship and grant opportunities available to you at your home institution.  Remember: it's never too early to start planning!

Apply to Attend our Fall Semester in Silicon Valley (ASU-Draper Entrepreneurship Incubator Program)!