Silicon Valley Intensive FAQ

Application Process

Who is eligible for the program?

All applicants must have graduated from high school. Eligibility includes students currently enrolled as undergraduates at an accredited institution, and students who have deferred matriculating to take a “gap year.” Exceptions may be permitted.

Domestic and international students are all welcome to apply we want a diverse class! We don’t look for specific industries or majors. You don’t need to have started a business, or had startup experience. We DO hope that you have a business idea that you want to turn into reality!


I’m an international student. Will you help me get a visa? 

For those who are accepted, we will send a personalized formal invitation letter so you may include it with your visa application at the consulate where you apply for a visa. While we cannot give legal advice, we would caution you to not use ESTA to travel to the United States for this program. ESTA is a strictly holiday visa and not appropriate for participation in courses like ours. Most international students apply for a business visitor visa; however, your country’s visa duration may not allow you to come to the US for 9 months in which case you can attend part of the program virtually, as explained above. The program does not qualify you for a student visa. We do not offer courses that allow you to receive a SEVIS number.


How will I be notified if I'm accepted?

Applicants will receive an email or phone call from the Draper University admissions team.

Academics & Credits

Will I earn academic credit?

Draper University programs complement formal, for-credit curriculum and do not offer degrees. Approval of credits is subject to school policy and the individuals responsible for approval. Draper University cannot guarantee that credits can or will transfer.

Students interested in earning credit must have both the credits and their transfer officially approved by an academic advisor, department chair, or study abroad office. We advise beginning this conversation before applying to the program, to confirm that credits can and will be approved for transfer when the program concludes. Upon successful completion, participants receive a Certificate of Completion.


How are credits awarded? 

This program includes 130 hours of instruction. Approval of credits is subject to school policy and the individuals responsible for approval. Credits are awarded by accredited partner universities through academic collaboration with Draper University. Students participating in the J-Term semester stand to earn a maximum of 2 academic credits. 



Some applicants may be invited for an interview, but we cannot offer interviews to everyone who applies.

Tuition Costs

What does tuition cover?

The price of tuition includes housing for the duration of the program and various meals. The price of tuition does not include airfare to and from the program location.


How much does the program cost?

$3,500 USD (flights not included), including housing and various meals. 



Housing provided is on Draper University’s campus. Our rooms are double-occupancy, with full-size beds. For a virtual tour of your living space, visit here.


Can Federal Financial Aid be used?

The use of federal aid depends on official university policies. Draper University also provides resources for financial options — including crowdfunding and loans.

For Faculty

WHAT DOES the curriculum entail?

Learning by doing is at the heart of everything we teach and practice at Draper University. Our team consists of our highly experienced program director, entrepreneurs and industry experts who all come together to design and implement a vigorous alternative education experience. We focus on building an entrepreneurial mindset by delivering skills and industry focused curriculum taught by other entrepreneurs and experts. To ensure continuous educational value, the curriculum is evaluated and tweaked based on student feedback each session. Topics include:

  • Business Fundamentals
  • Lean Methodology
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Public Speaking
  • Prototyping 
  • Interfacing with an Investor
  • Neurolinguistic Programming


WHAT schools have you worked with in the past? 

The following are a list of schools we have worked with in the past: Smith College, Penn State University, Arizona State University, Cal Poly University, Cal Lutheran University.


How can I learn more about draper university? 

We warmly welcome you to join us a campus tour. During the tour, you will gain an overview of the creation of Draper University, our diverse alumni group, and more insight on our action-based learning modules. Please email to schedule a time.

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