Summer 2018 Pitch Day Winners



1-Chaitanya Hiremath

Scanta makes exciting use-cases for augmented reality that promise to deliver a unique experience at the convergence of your virtual and real world and physical worlds.



2-Shrey Malhotra

Orby is the first flying robot assistant with advanced navigation and indoor mapping abilities. We're building the future of indoor robotics. Using our indoor flying robots and our space-time analytics platform, a business can track its assets, optimize inventory, scan barcodes, run surveillance and even map out their warehouses, backrooms, and stores.


Busy Beauty

3-Jamie Steenbakkers

Busy Beauty helps women get ready faster. We've created the first "dry" line of products that reduce prep-time by over 90%.


Intelligent Design

4-Kidus Belay

Unlocking the green gold of the 21st century, to help people and the planet, while making essential products and extraordinary profits.

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5-Esra Serbes

We take pre-consumer fruit and vegetable waste daily and decompose it with specific insects. When the insect colony grows, we dry and grind the insects and turn it into not only protein but calcium and phosphorus rich resource. This powder is high quality, cost effective and eco-friendly, and is used by humans’ and animals’ diet at the same time.

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6-Grant Goris

BoonLogic® provides unsupervised machine learning AI with the ability to process over 100,000 inferences per second (single core x86) to 2 million inferences per second (FPGA), which is orders of magnitude faster than anything known in the world on equivalent hardware.



7-Selim Satıcı

Blok-Z, is developing blockchain solutions to help electricity distribution companies manage the remuneration of small scale electric producers on their grid with P2P payment technology.


Warden Legal Tech

8-Mahir Onat TopaL

Warden Legal Technologies is a software company that provides automation solutions for its customers in the legal sector.



9-Eduard Gomberg

We empower content creators by providing comprehensive content conversion software specializing in the art of storytelling. Via Audivity content creators and media outlets can upload written articles and receive curated high-quality narrative or podcast under two hours and at a fraction of the average cost.

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