The Startup Hero’s Pledge

  • I will promote freedom at all costs.

  • I will do everything in my power to drive, build and pursue progress and change.

  • My brand, my network, and my reputation are paramount.

  • I will set positive examples for others to emulate.

  • I will instill good habits in myself. I will take care of myself.

  • I will fail and fail again until I succeed.

  • I will explore the world with gusto and enthusiasm.

  • I will treat people well.

  • I will make short-term sacrifices for long term success.

  • I will pursue fairness, openness, health and fun with all that I encounter. Mostly fun.

  • I will keep my word.

  • I will try my best to make reparations for my digressions.

The Black Swan Clause: I am bound to this oath unless in my travels I determine that the oath has somehow missed something important and extraordinary.

The Evangelism Clause: I will promote and add to the ongoing success of Draper University, its students, its faculty, its administration, and its facilities. I will help prepare the next generation of Superheroes. (The Evangelism Clause is not a requirement unless you are an alum, or just want to support us.)

The Superhero Clause: I will accept the lifelong obligation to hone my Superhero powers, and apply those Superhero powers to the good of the universes.