Program Details



DAY 1 - DAY 4

During the first four days, accelerator / incubator managers will learn from a wide range of topics that include: raising and managing a fund, designing a curriculum, building a mentor and investor network, and building a startup ecosystem. 

DAY 5 - 8

See how Draper University transforms founders and learn alongside your portfolio companies as they go through our program and learn the basics of entrepreneurship.  Topics include: building a pitch deck, growth hacking, and startup finance.  



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Future & Vision

  • Exponential Thinking

  • Physics of the Future

  • Thinking 10X

  • Intro to Future Tech (AI, ML, AR, VR, Self-Driving Cars)


VC Training

  • Investment Philosophy and Thesis

  • How angels and funds operate

  • Startup valuation

  • Boards and cap tables

  • From seed to IPO

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  • High Trust Leadership

  • Track record and fundraising

  • Public Speaking

  • Effective Communication and Feedback

  • Building Mutually Beneficial Relationships



  • Lean Methodologies

  • Design Thinking

  • Evaluating pitch decks and financial models

  • Growth Hacking

  • Crowdfunding and Viral Marketing


Silicon Valley Immersion

  • Networking events

  • History of Silicon Valley with Bill Draper

  • Roundtables

  • Company Visits

  • Accelerator Visits



You’ll live on campus with us and be supported by a team of program managers, entrepreneurs in residence, and mentors.  Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, downtown San Mateo's historic Benjamin Franklin Hotel. 44 E 3rd Avenue, San Mateo, CA.


This is an invite-only program for accelerator / incubator managers and up to two of their portfolio CEOs.  We invite accelerator / incubator managers from all over the world to learn alongside the best and brightest in the Silicon Valley.

Global startup showcase

This is where you will have the opportunity to show off your talented founders. We connect our student entrepreneurs with investors in Silicon Valley and the rest of the world.