Draper University FAQ


How much does the program cost?
The program costs $12,000 for our Hero Training 5 week programs. For our Semester in Silicon Valley program, the cost is $14,000. 

Can I apply if I don't have an idea yet?
Yes you can! We are a "human accelerator" and looking for great future entrepreneurs whether you have an idea or not.

Can I apply if I already have an idea and a team?
Yes, we are looking for top talent and would love to have you at our accelerator for you to gain access to our network and also possibly raise money during our Demo Day.  

Do you pay for my flight to Draper? 
No we do not unfortunately. 

Why should I take the Fall Semester instead of Hero Training?
If you are a college student that wants to receive college credit for going through the program, please apply. The program will have five accredited classes and you will be able to receive up to 15 credits. 

Can I get more information about scholarships?
Please apply first. We will assess your ability to receive scholarships after your interview. 

How can I prepare for my interview?
Our interview is only 15 minutes via Skype and informal for the most part, so just be yourself!