The Draper University blockchain intensive bootcamp has been designed to teach executives about the fundamentals of blockchain technology in order to understand its potential to create efficiencies in new business models.  

All industries and facets-of-life will inevitably be forced to adapt or face disruption by blockchain technology, similar to how they had to adjust to the Internet. The full potential of blockchain remains largely untapped. The path towards a more trusting and efficient blockchain future is being paved minute-by-minute by innovators around the world.

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Blockchain Intensive Program + Corporate Development (includes 3 meals/day)

* Optional Housing at Draper University is $1,000

What will we cover?

Blockchain Overview: Utility, Architecture, and why it matters

You will learn about various types of Blockchains, how their designs are created to solve different problems, and which to apply to your solution. 

Blockchain Strategy: Efficiencies, New Business Models and Tokens

You will learn how to apply blockchain as an infrastructure to create efficiencies and new business models as well as leverage tokens to realign incentives for your customers. 

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Who should attend?

Business Leaders: Uncover ways your company could leverage blockchain to existing lines of business or even to create new lines of business. This course is designed for executives, innovation officers, business development and project managers, strategists, and analysts with a drive to learn and desire to play a larger role in the evolving cryptocurrency industry.

Entrepreneurs: Starting a blockchain company comes with a unique set of challenges and opportunities. Learn how to navigate entrepreneurship and startups in the blockchain space.

The Curious: Even if you do not know where you fit into the blockchain landscape, it’s never too early to start future-proofing yourself to gain a competitive edge.


This is anyone’s game. Do you want in?

Join us in the heart of Silicon Valley for a three day deep dive into the fundamentals and frontiers of Blockchain. Up to 3 meals a day included.

2019 Program DatesMay 6th - May 10th
Check-inMay 6th
Blockchain IntensiveMay 6th - May 8th
Corporate DevelopmentMay 8th - May 9th
Check-OutMay 10th

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Once you are part of the Draper University ecosystem, you are forever part of a top-tier network that spans continents.

Once you are part of the Draper University ecosystem, you are forever part of a top-tier network that spans continents.

Draper University designs and delivers world-class entrepreneurship and innovation education programs for a global audience with a future focus.

Draper University is a part of a larger ecosystem of projects started by legendary venture capitalist, Tim Draper. Tim has made investments in a number of unicorn and rhino companies including: Tesla, SpaceX, Skype, Hotmail, Baidu, and Coinbase.

Per his foresight into the value of bitcoin, and being the first institutional investor to participate in initial coin offerings, Tim is recognized as a leader in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Tim was most recently featured for predicting bitcoin reaching $10,000 in value.

Draper University and the Draper Ecosystem sit at the bleeding edge of what is to come. Join us.