What did Draper University do for you?

Trying to determine if our program is right for you? Read these real testimonials from our alumni on their experience at Draper University.


Mithun SrivatsaFounder of blowhorn!

Who is it for?

  • Everybody who wants to change their own status quo or have something larger planned. The doors it opens up, both in terms of access and your own thinking is pretty transformational. You can come with no idea, but usually end up with so many ideas to build.
  • Driven people. Everybody around me were passionate and driven even though some were easily 10 years younger to me. I was amazed at the curation of the class and the quality.

What were the tangible for me wins post DU?

  • Tim supported my startup idea with an investment which in turn helped me build my current startup blowhorn!
  • I have a network of friends to lean on with a very diverse skill-set. I got my logos designed from my DU classmate, I got my profile photos shot by another DU classmate. I still lean on to my friends at DU for shared skills.

Does it make you a great entrepreneur?

  • It definitely gives you the tools. In my experience, the best entrepreneurs have the inherent skills and knowhow and just need structuring assistance to put their act together and need a spark to kindle the flame of self-confidence. DU definitely gives you that.

11/10 for my DU experience.

Brian Friedman, Founder and CEO @Loopd.

Draper University changed my life. You may say to yourself that this statement is over the top, exaggerated, and cliche, however it’s 110% true. 

During Draper University I developed the early concept for my company Loopd. I wanted to make a way for physical actions to control your virtual presence. I was frustrated by the outdated networking systems, and I had been inspired by wearable technology. This resonated with two other students during the program, and we decided to join forces. Tim Draper immediately took us under his wing and encouraged us to build our solution. His enthusiasm influenced us to focus on creating our MVP as soon as possible. Over the next six weeks, my two cofounders and I started to develop our business model, validate the concept,prototype initial mockups, and form a group of advisors. 

Today Loopd has captured over 1 billion physical interaction data points, secured several industry leading patents, closed enterprise deals with companies such as Intel,Cisco, and Anaplan, and grown to a full team of 13 rockstar employees. We have been voted as the IMEX Global Event Technology Startup of the Year, selected as San Francisco's #1 Enterprise and Smart Data Technologies startup by SXSW Accelerator, selected as a Bluetooth Breakthrough Award Finalist by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), presented with the Wearable Technology Product ofthe Year award by TMC, and chosen as one of the top Internet of Things startups by CeBIT CODE_n.

I’m proud to be a member of Draper University, and I highly recommend the program to anyone who dreams of entering the Silicon Valley ecosystem.

Edmilson Rodrigues, Entrepreneur, Business administration graduate, alumnus of Draper University.

As a foreigner, I always had the dream of studying in the US. My original plan was to do a MBA, but Draper University allowed me to live the same experience at 1/10 of the cost and 1/14 of the time.

Among other benefits, Draper U…

  1. Gave a real chance at raising Venture Capital for my startup in the pitch day and after. Tim Draper and the staff are always kind to send an email to a VC or angel you would like to be introduced to.
  2. Connection to a network of Alumni that share knowledge, insights and work together to help each other. This is one of the best benefits.
  3. Knowledge and inspiration through the guest entrepreneurs, investors and professors who come for a talk during the classes. We also get a lifetime access to Draper TV, where you can see the recording of every class in your cohort and after.

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