The Future of Tech & Everything Else….

By Doron Segev

Anne Boysen, Draper University, Spring 2019

Anne Boysen, Adwords Content Analyst at Google and Founder of After the Millennials, has the ability to visualize important trends YEARS before they actually occur.

Simply put, Anne is a strategic foreseer, thanks to her background in data & content analytics and generational theory.

During her presentation that dealt with how to indicate a trend and understand its consequences before it actually happens, we — the entrepreneurs at Draper U — were given the tools needed to better understand the direction of our individual projects.

As we all wish to thrive and create the next big thing, we must not forget that TIME is a crucial indicator which will determine whether our business is relevant, has longevity, or will not see the light of day.

Being an entrepreneur is one thing, but if your mission is to disrupt the industry you’re operating in, or even create a whole new industry of its own — you have to have the mindset of A FUTURIST.

Just like Anne’s techniques in foreseeing the next movements and trends, we should also be utilizing those techniques when thinking a few steps ahead, regarding our businesses or ideas.

A great point that I will take with me from Anne’s presentation was the 4 Questions that we have to ask ourselves when wanting to make an impact, and I’ll explain:

Entrepreneurs ask:

  1. Does it solve a problem?

  2. Does it serve a purpose?

  3. Will people use it?

  4. Is it sustainable?

No doubt that these are important questions, but when positioning ourselves as superheros, it requires us to ask those questions with an addition — the futurist addition:

  1. Does it solve a problem in the future?

  2. Does it serve a purpose in the future?

  3. Will people use it in the future?

  4. Is it sustainable in the future?

This methodology is not meant to predict the future, rather identify different scenarios that may occur.

In conclusion, the capability to utilize these techniques and anticipate adjustments (trends, innovative technologies, disruption, etc) in a market, is a defining characteristic that can separate the thin line between success and failure.