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The Rise of Tech Superwomen: Surbhi Sarna

tech superwomen surbhi sarnaFebruary 2, 2015 - Sheryl Sandburg. Melissa Meyer. Meg Whitman. These powerful and successful women have all become household names as the female execs behind Facebook, Yahoo, and eBay. But there's a new group of female thought leaders and power brokers who have all beaten the odds to succeed: Tech Superwomen. In this Forbes article, we take a look at the four Tech Superwomen below, including one of our very own alumni: Surbhi Sarna of nVision Medical!

Surbhi was listed on Forbes 2014 30 Under 30 in science and healthcare. Her company nVision Medical is "developing technology that can be used in the doctors office for diagnosing both infertility and ovarian cancer - which remains one of the most lethal cancers worldwide due to the lack of early stage detection options."

Her advice to aspiring female entrepreneurs: "Don't let them stop you!"