Check out DU Alumni Startup Newsystock in China's TechCrunch TechNode

NewsystockJanuary 16, 2015 - Alumni from Draper University's innovative bootcamp program for entrepreneurs continue to launch startups that are turning heads around the world. Ryan Kyungrok Moon (Korea) from DU's Fall 2014 was interviewed by China's TechCrunch TechNode about his startup Newsystock. The article explains how Newsystock helps small investors master the market, particularly in overseas stocks. You can read the snippet below, or access the entire article here.

"Newsystock is a quantitative data based analysis system that provides accurate analysis and equity purchase recommendations in line with Korean stock market trends. They gather financial raw data, evaluate every listed stock with their unique system, then deliver the results to investors. The company also enables its users to analyze any stock by themselves, providing a thorough analysis of any stock within five minutes."

Currently based in Korea, the company is looking to expand throughout Asia and will add a Chinese language website to its Korean and English versions.