Buck's of Woodside

Draper University Tradition: Breakfast at Buck's of Woodside

Buck's of WoodsideOctober 25, 2013 – The pilgrimage to Buck's happens each session for Draper University students. Buck's of Woodside is a Silicon Valley institution and it's owner Jamis MacNiven is a legend. It's where big deals have been discussed and made since the '90s, riding the tide of rising Internet fortunes.

There's an impressive list of deal-making history at Buck's.

Every session a trip to Bucks for breakfast is a requirement for all Draper University students. No, this is not a team building activity but it is a great opportunity to be immersed in the culture of Silicon Valley. Bucks is so legendary and Jamis is so gracious with his time that DU students really enjoy the experience.

According to Jamis, "Hotmail was founded here," he says. "Netscape had their early meetings in the back room; Tesla was founded here; PayPal got funded here." And Yahoo, according to MacNiven, was turned down during a meeting at Buck's. The restaurant is just miles from Sand Hill Road, site of the nation's largest aggregation of venture capital firms.

Breakfast at Buck's is just one of the unique experiences that all Draper University students have. But it's not all fun and games, students are working late into the wee hours of the morning crafting their business plans getting ready for Evangelism week that kicks off with a branding workshop and a class in creativity with Stanford Professor Tina Seelig.

Draper University's Amazing Guest Speakers from Silicon Valley

Student Post – June 20, 2013 – We had some absolutely amazing guest speakers come into Draper University during the Spring 2013 Class, they were all hugely inspiring and it was such a privilege to sit in beanbags and listen to them. In this blog post I'm going to run though five of my favorite guest speakers.

Bill Draper1. Bill Draper

Bill was one of the first venture capitalists in Silicon Valley, and with this comes some great stories! Bill was fantastically captivating when talking about some of his investments and his time in the US government working for Ronald Reagan.

Naveen Jain2. Naveen Jain

Naveen is a serial entrepreneur with a special interest in science and technology. Naveen has a first rate mind and can tell you about anything science related. He also has the best business card I've ever seen!

Strikingly3. David Chen & Teng Bao

David and Teng are co-founders of YC backed Strikingly, they make it really easy to build mobile optimized websites with no coding required. They sat down with us for an informal fireside chat about their story and how they got started. They were incredibly funny and very open about the struggles of running your own startup.

Jamis MacNiven4. Jamis MacNiven

Jamis is the owner of Buck's of Woodside, a small restaurant famous for hosting VC's and entrepreneurs. Some of history's biggest VC deals were done at tables in Buck's. Jamis came in to talk about why Silicon Valley is the best place to be and start your business.

Mike Cassidy5. Mike Cassidy

Mike is a serial entrepreneur with a number of successful exits and is currently a director at Google X. Mike came in to tell us about his startup philosophy of SPEED. He told us about a story when he pitched DFJ at 8:15am and demanded a term sheet by 4:30pm.

~ Guest post by Alex Nguyen who is from the UK and was part of DU's Spring 2013 Class.