SF Fashion Week

In SF, tech intrinsically permeates every idea, business, and art.

Every event added a new dimension to the fashion world and how they are increasingly incorporating technology into their business model, specifically with retail technology and in the proliferation of fashion blogging. As the events’ organizer, SF Fashion and Merchants Alliance says,

“No other city embraces the intertwined relationship between fashion, technology and the future more than San Francisco.”

Afterwards we caught up with one of the organizers of SF Fashion Week to get the scoop on how this whole stylish week went down behind the scenes. Romulo Delgado is not just an organizer of the SF Fashion and Merchants Alliance but also an entrepreneur in SF fashion tech- of course! He is launching his app,TRiFT is an outfit assistant that provides a fun tool to make everybody aware of all the items in your wardrobe. Find it here at Trift.co.

Interview with Romulo Delgado

How did you get into planning fashion week, when do you start?

I started thinking about it when I launched my fashion app, Trift. I met Owen there, the lead organizer, and then I jumped right in behind the scenes. Its a lot of people from organization and on the other side there's a huge demand for Fashion tech shows. You don't even need marketing because our events get packed without much effort!

How do you know fashion week went well, what are signs if success?

We ask for feedback. The hackathon went well, everyone loved it with 87% satisfaction. People here are doing their best and bringing their hearts to the runway.

To you, what is fashion? And what is Wearable technology? How do the two combine?

Fashion is a way to demonstrate my style. Wearables are things that make my life easier. They need to be savvy, to make my life more productive and look good. More people are focused on the fashion aspect but I see wearables as still in the prototype phase of the market and am not so focused on that.

What would you like to see in Wearable technology to make it perfect?

This is tricky. Clothing that detects temperature and work with your skin to make your cooler. It could improve on R&D, traditional fashion brands don't like to change even though they should be putting money into it. Sometimes they are too trendy but it depends on your perspective.