Meet Draper U’s Fall Class of 2015

At the heart of Draper University is our residential program, where we cram an MBA’s worth of startup knowledge into just seven weeks.

We put our amazing students through 10 hour days of speakers, workshops, and conferences, which they of course take like a champ. In just under two months our students pitch their business to investors during the Draper Demo Day, and prove to the world that they are ready to take on Silicon Valley and often international markets. Many of our alumni describe their time at Draper University as life changing, and where they found the courage to pursue their passion in life.

But what do our students think as they enter the program? How much will they grow in just seven weeks? I’ve captured four new students here to pick their brain on their experience, expectations, and of course their own startup! And you can bet that we’ll be returning to them at the end of their experience to crystallize their metamorphosis.


Meet Einstein.

A financial manager and elderly care home owner in a past life.

Tell me about your idea?

I am making clothing and fabric intelligent by putting washable flexible circuits in bras to help them fight disease. Visit to get your hands on one!

What is your biggest goal for your time at DU, besides gaining investment?

I am trying to transition from small business to startups and learn as much about that culture and industry as possible.

What keeps you awake at night about your business?

I’m scared it will become a commercial product, and it might not actually help people fight disease. I am also afraid of getting enough traction while I am here, there is a lot of pressure.

What makes you awesome?

I love people and want to truly understand how they work


Meet Chi.

Former Googler and Manager of the South African Anzisha Award.


What’s your idea?

My idea ResSpot, is a communication app for residential complexes in Africa. We help residents communicate through their neighbors and manage their local community. We’re like Nextdoor for Africa! Visit to join the community.

What is your biggest goal for your time at DU? (not funding)

I really need to find a technical cofounder while I am here so I can build my app! Luckily Silicon Valley is teeming with developers.

What makes you awesome?

I have a really good instinct and vision. I can see things other people can’t, such as opportunities and the potential in other teammates.

What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done?

It was unbearably hard for me to leave Google. I had to trust my intuition that following my passion was the right thing to do. I started my life all over again in South Africa, and now as I am returning to American I am bootstrapping my own startup. It’s much harder than people say it is.


Meet Shane.

Nearly a lawyer, now a riskmaster CEO.

Give us the details on your idea?

My idea, Shortcut, is to bring instacart and uber together into Papua New Guinea. This will be astronomical there since people have such limited transportation and it’s dangerous to be a pedestrian. Although it’s a third world country and many people are poor, often families have 3-4 cars because it’s too unsafe to ever go out on foot. Visit to find out how we’re making a difference.


What brought you to DU?

The CEO of Younoodle contacted me when he heard about my startup. He thought this would be a great opportunity for me since I am part of the first and biggest entrepreneurship program in the Pacific- Kumul Gamechangers.

What is your biggest goal for your time at DU?

I want to soak up as much learning as possible in this ecosystem, since there is no startup culture in Papua New Guinea. Everything there is run by slow moving multi-national companies, so I need to gain all of my traction here in Silicon Valley.

What did you expect of DU before you came here?

I expected this to be a collection of like minded people with differing perspectives. I didn’t everyone to have such a similar personality, we’re all quite “Type A” here.


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