Fashion Blogging Unlocked

It’s true that fashion bloggers are taking over the once elitist and exclusive apparel industry and making it accessible to all of their millions of fans.

Bloggers used to have to sit on the sidelines of fashion and make use of bookmarked web pages and thrift store finds to ply their trade. Now they are an essential piece of fashion marketing and as important brand influencers are teaming up with fashion labels. Bloggers are given free tickets to fashion shows and a share of the profits of clothing they endorse because designers need them to spread the word and make high fashion reachable to the larger audience of normal people out there who don’t wear couture. When 17 Magazine polled tens of thousands of girls and asked them who their inspirations were, the top two answers were “Fashion Bloggers” and “Female Entrepreneurs”.

We attended the SF Fashion and Merchant’s Alliance’s #SylePOP Fashion Blogger Meetup to get to the bottom of how certain bloggers are so successful. Here's what happened...


Exclusive Interview with Britt + Whit

What made you two decide to run a fashion blog together? What differentiates you?  

We have both worked full time while running our fashion blog,, and in the beginning it started out as a creative outlet from our day jobs.  Since we both loved fashion it seemed natural to start a blog together and 5 years later it was the best decision we have made!  It's so helpful to have another person to bounce ideas off of and to support you through the process.  

We are a bit different than your typical blogger, as we blog together! So you get double the style. The best part is that we each interpret fashion differently.  We will often end up buying the same pieces but style it in completely different ways.

How did you first monetize?

We monetize our site in a few different ways.  Affiliate sales through companies like Reward Style and Shopsense help to provide a consistent baseline of revenue.  We also do a number of brand partnerships with companies such as Rebecca Minkoff, Stuart Weitman, Old Navy, DSW, etc...which provide a mix of both compensation and additional blog exposure.

What technology do you use to help you run your blog efficiently? What technology do you blog about?

We leverage a number of social media channels (Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Snapchat) in order to promote our content to our readers.  Platforms such as Hootsuite and Facebook's scheduled posts help us to schedule content which is important as we work full time.  Our blog tends to be focused on personal style and fashion so tech is more of a means to an end versus content for us at this point.  

What's your opinion on Wearable technology and the new Apple partnership with Hermes? How well do you think Wearable technology blends fashion with tech?

We are keeping an eye on the wearable tech space and are excited to see how it evolves and begins to move out of the functional space and more into the fashion space.  As of right now there is more of a focus on the technology behind the product versus making a product that is fashion forward.  The Apple partnership with Hermes is a start to move in this direction but not attainable for the vast majority of consumers.  

What most excites you about SF Fashion Week? About fashion in general?

It's honestly the people.  We have met so many inspiring women and bloggers. It encourages us to continue to keep up with our blog and evolve our content. We have also had the opportunity to work with huge brands and attend fashion weeks in San Francisco and New York. All of that would not have happened without starting Britt+Whit.  Plus we get to do it together - there is nothing more fun than working on something you love with your best friend!

I hear you have a new startup- mind telling us about it? What advice do you have for a female entrepreneur starting a fashion oriented company?

Our new startup is called To Wear With. To Wear With allows you to curate and share our style with a community of fashion enthusiasts! So whether you are looking for that perfect look for your next job interview or you want to share your own interpretation of the latest trend - we are here to make fashion fun and accessible!

Advice: Don't underestimate your value.  You are more capable than you realize.  The hardest part is first, taking the initial step to start a company and second, having the strength to continue even during setbacks. Success is hard work and doesn't happen overnight so always think about your end goal.  It will help during the difficult periods. Also Network, network, network! It's so important to start creating genuine connections early on in the industry you are interested in.  You will gain exposure to opportunities you didn't even know existed and meet people going through the same process as you who can give you support and advice.