Draper University is Changing the World One Entrepreneur at a Time

April 17, 2013 – Draper University kicked off its Spring 2013 Class this week with a bang. Draper UniversityStudents from all over the world are joining us from Egypt, Lebanon, China, and Estonia, and they're all part of the revolution Draper University has started. The goal is simple – teach our students a methodology that will last them the rest of their lives and they will go on to change the way the entrepreneurial game is played.

Why are these young entrepreneurs going to change the world? Technology disruption comes from people or companies who are new to the market. They're not afraid to challenge the status quo; great examples are Intel, Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook. The concept of entrepreneurship is now so common, it's being taught as early as elementary school. Colleges and universities are considered behind the game if they don't offer a program in entrepreneurship.

That's just the beginning – entrepreneurship will continue to happen at earlier ages, which is evideced by the unprecedented number of college sponsored business plan competitions, university incubators, and openness of colleges granting time off for company formation. Stanford continues to spin off great companies at a record and accelerating pace, some critics even question if it is still a university. Make no mistake about it, other schools are already following suit.

Draper University is set up to serve young entrepreneurs achieving their dreams and our students are already changing the world. Welcome, and enjoy the ride!