An Hour of Mind Stimulation: Merging Data, Power and Security

Geeta Chauhan: The convergence of AI and Blockchain/Deep Cloud AI

By Abdulrahman Bin Omar


Geeta Chauhan, Draper University, Spring 2019

Geeta Chauhan didn’t come only to educate us, but also to stimulate our minds. Geeta is an icon in the field of AI and blockchain with more than 25 years of experience — she took us all to a journey through the newest advances in AI and Blockchain technology. With her wide experience in scaling complex systems for various companies, ranging from startups to fortune 500s, her advice was invaluable to us as new entrepreneurs.

Geeta is the Chief Technology Officer of DeepCloud AI, an Airbnb version of Amazon Cloud, where she shared a lot of insight on how to converge the power of Artificial Intelligence, mainly Machine Learning, with the security of blockchain.

In only 1-hour workshop, I believe many of us discovered a great way to improve our business! The workshop challenged us to think how to combine AI and Blockchain in our business, the benefit from the convergence effect. Can our business benefit from the decentralized AI? How we can leverage Data Marketplaces in our businesses? The great thing about Geeta’s workshop is not only that it makes us think about new ideas on how to combine these two powerful tools, but also to think about the ethical aspects as well. This can be achieved by ensuring that the data we collect (or are going to collect) from our business is not biased and to build a fair trustworthy system.

In the last segment of the workshop, we thought about an interesting exercise about “Well-being Metrics”, which to think how areas such as personal security, social connections, health status, housing, work-life balance, and income shape our business. It was a great pleasure to have the chance to consume the knowledge from this great leader.