7 Hacks to Learn Anything

7hackstolearnanything Our brain is constantly soaking up information and looking for ways to apply it. While learning something new can be exciting, it can also be confusing - and sometimes downright frustrating. We want to help make it easier with these tips and tricks. [Tweet "While the list of learning hacks is probably endless, we’ve narrowed it down to the best 7 ways to learning anything."]


1. Be Uncomfortable.

Step out of your comfort zone. Here, you’ll find self growth and discovery. You learn best when you’re stretched to the edge of your ability. It needs to be challenging and unfamiliar - that’s how your brain grows.

2. Get Up and Do It.

The most efficient way for you to master something, is to actually get up and do it. Whether it is a language, habit or skill - reading about it or studying it is important - but people learn best by applying and utilizing their knowledge.

3. Check Your Motivation.

Understand why you are investing your time and effort. Ask yourself, “Why am I learning this?”. People are more motivated and willing to commit when they have a clear end goal. Choose something that excites you and you are passionate about.

4. Set A Realistic Agenda.

Define benchmarks and goals for your learning path. Be ambitious but also realistic! Challenge your abilities but also schedule in time for relaxation and absorption of the information - this is known as the “spacing effect”, and its known to improve long-term recall.

5. Track and Share Your Progress.

Record your learning journey. Whether it’s on Evernote, a journal or even Twitter, tracking your progress allows for reflection and learning from your mistakes. Sharing the experience with others also welcomes feedback and holds you accountable for your goals.

6.Teach What You Know.

A great method of information retention is to explain or demonstrate to others. Articulating your knowledge is a challenge in itself and as Albert Einstein once said - [Tweet "“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”"]

7. Be Okay With Failing.

When learning something new, you may fail once, or twice, or more - but that’s to be expected otherwise you’re not learning! Get comfortable with hearing the word “no” or feeling defeated. You learn best from your mistakes and failure brings growth and resilience.