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Upcomıng Sessions


You’ll be listening following topics from some of the best and brightest entrepreneurs and startup experts in Silicon Valley. Such as Elon Musk (Tesla, SpaceX), Aaron Levie (Box), Jeff Hoffman (Priceline), John Zimmer (Lyft), Justin Kan (Twitch), Tim Westergren (Pandora), Nate Blecharczyk (AirBnB), Derek Andersen (Startup Grind) and more

  • Vision & Future

  • Money & Resources

  • Speed & Strength

  • Legal & Justice

  • Evangelism

  • Special Powers

  • Creativity

  • Survival

Typical Day

9:00 AM - Breakfast & Coffee

10:00 AM - Speaker Session 1

11:00 AM - Speaker Session 2

12:00 AM - Lunch

1:00 PM - Hands-on Workshop

3:00 PM - Team Activity & Business Development

5:00 PM Dinner

6:00 PM Pitch Practice


Aside from our all-star line of speakers, our tuition covers on-campus accommodation in the heart of Silicon Valley, San Mateo, transportation for activities, expenses for outdoor activities, and admission to special events. Our tuition is currently $12,000. Up to 15 meals per students will be included in the session.


Limited financial aid and scholarships are offered based on demonstrated need, academic merit and entrepreneurial experience. You will receive a scholarship application upon acceptance if you qualify for the program.

Visa and Travel Plans

If you are applying from abroad, please take into consideration the time required to apply for a visa if you are accepted to Draper University's Hero Training program. We STRONGLY advise you submit your application at least 4 months prior to the program start date in order to allow ample time for processing for a business visitor visa from your home country.

Next Steps

  • Applications are reviewed within 1-2 weeks.

  • After we receive your application, you will be invited for a 15 minute Skype interview.

  • After the interview, you will receive an admissions decision within 3-4 weeks.

  • If you want a scholarship, please apply first to the programs so we can determine the strength of your application.

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