Entrepreneurship Taught by Silicon Valley Icons

You’ll gain access to some of the best and brightest entrepreneurs and startup experts in Silicon Valley. Some of our past speakers include Elon Musk (Tesla), Dave McClure (500 Startups), and Aaron Levie (Box), among others.


Bill Draper
Venture Capitalist


Steve Jurvetson
Partner, DFJ

Elon Musk
Co-Founder & CEO, Tesla 

Aaron Levie
Founder & CEO, Box

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Heidi Roizen
Operating Partner, DFJ

Tony Hsieh
Founder & CEO, Zappos

Dave McClure
Founding Partner, 500Startups

Michelle Phan
Founder, Ipsy & YouTube star



A One-Of-A-Kind Human Accelerator

Besides living and learning at Silicon Valley’s top-rated program in entrepreneurship while choosing an idea, developing your product, and pitching your startup to investors, you will develop the right mindset in order to succeed with unconventional activities led by a Navy Seal, a Tony Robbins motivational coach, and entrepreneurs among others.